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Eternal Patrol



The first reunion was held in Houston Texas in October 2005.

                  Bob Kremer, Ed Zdarko, Jim Way

          (Someone changed the four to a zero, pretty clever)


        Irene and Soupy Campbell      --       Reunion planner

  Bob and Denise Kremer ------ Treasurer & Newsletter editor

    Margie & Carl McGrew                   Buck & Lyla Hunter


          George Robb,  Edgardo Nicolas,  Harold Swan

   Harold Swan,  Dawn & Bob Schneller,  T. J. Hanson-Smith

Joe Grella,  Robert Gulliver (Grouper), Soupy Campbell, Wayne Johns

     Wayne Beland,     Ed Zdarko,      Bob & Denise Kremer

Don Delisle, Pat Haney, George Bradley, Joe Grella, Marci Haney

                                    Door Prizes

            Soupy Campbell                  Wayne Johns

The plaque was made and donated for the silent auction by Soupy

   Edgardo Nicolas,    Buck Hunter,    Ed    Zdarko,    Bob Kremer,      Wayne Beland

Denise Kremer (standing), Emma Curry, Marge Kanning,            Flor Nicolas.Irene Campbell, Arlene Grella, Linda Rodolewicz,          Deanna Bradley

                               Barb & Wayne Beland

     John Clarke & daughter              Bob & Ruth German

                Soupy Campbell, Wayne Johns

                               USS Cavalla 


                                   Angler Crew

Row 4: Reginald Ward, Harold Nordberg, Don Delisle, John Siscavage Bob Kremer, Jim Way, Buck Hunter, Ed Zdarko, Jim Berkheimer, George Bradley

Row 3: Captain Cushman, Dick Kanning, Pat Haney, Bob Schneller, T. J. Hanson-Smith, Bruce Curry, Al Budd, Wayne Beland, Carl McGrew, John Rodolewicz

Row 2: George Robb, Bob German, John Clarke, Wayne Johns, Joe Grella, Fred Pietrowski, Chuck Mills, Eric Knight, Soupy Campbell

Row 1: Edgardo Nicolas, Bill McPhee, Dick Evins


                                  "40's Group"

               John Clarke, Bob German, George Robb                                Bill McPhee is missing from this photo, see next picture

            Bill McPhee (part of 40's group) & daughter                                                    

                               "50's Group"

Back row: Harold Nordberg, Ed Zdarko, Al Budd, Reginald Ward

Front row:  Captain Cushman, Carl McGrew, Wayne Beland, Buck      Hunter, Soupy Campbell 

John Christman missing from picture, he hadn't arrived yet

                                     "60" Group"

Back row:  Edgardo Nicolas, Don Delisle, John Siscavage, Bob Kremer, Jim Way, Ed Zdarko, Jim Berkheimer, George Bradley

Middle row:  Dick Kanning, Pat Haney, Bob Schneller, T.J. Hanson-Smith, Bruce Curry, Al Budd, John Rodolewicz

Front row:  Captain Cushman, Wayne Johns, Joe Grella, Soupy Campbell, Fred Pietrowski, Chuck Mills, Eric Knight, Dick Evins

    (John Christman, missing, hadn't arrived yet  -  see picture below)

Bob Kremer,  Pat Haney, John Christman who is part of the 50's and 60's group, Ed Zdarko

Jim Way, Bob Kremer, Pat Haney, John Christman, Ed Zdarko,    Fred Pietrowski, Don Delisle

                        On board for a tour of the Cavalla

                    Maneuvering room cubicle control

                     Switch board on propulsion cubicle

                          Engine order telegraph

                                 Memorial Service

                       Grouper Crewman and George Robb

                            Memorial Service





The second reunion was held in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, in October 2007 with 116 people attending, of which approximately half were crew members.

                         Springmaid Hotel/Resort

                 Sun set seen from hotel window


Everyone had a great view from their windows - Springmaid pier.

          You could go fishing on the pier if you wanted to.

                Or, you could just relax on the pier

Soupy Campbell, was the planner of the first reunion in Texas and the second reunion in Myrtle Beach where this picture was taken.  Soupy was one of the USS Angler's COBs, he spent quite a few years on the Angler and knew the boat better than anyone.

Bob Kremer was the treasurer, also the Newsletter Editor for the first two reunions. He was a great help to Soupy in coordinating both reunions.  This picture at left, taken at the Myrtle Beach reunion, Bob on the right, talking to Captain Cushman.

Past and present planners: Starting from the left: Jerry Benson, the new treasurer and Newsletter Editor, Bob Kremer the out going treasurer and Newsletter Editor, Soupy Campbell the out going planner and Brian Meagher the new planner, for the upcoming reunion in Branson, MO being held October 4th - October 8th 2009.

Captain Cushman (right) and Soupy swapping sea stories.  Captain Cushman was one of the Commanding Officers' on the USS ANGLER.


                           Charles Pugsley lucky winner


                 Who will be the last man standing?

                 Steve Kossler is another lucky winner

                      Items from the Angler's history

"Dolphins" Officers and Enlisted men, donated and made by Soupy Campbell

Stained glass suncatchers made and donated by Harold Bushar for the silent auction.

Left: Our 2007 Treasurer and Newsletter Editor Bob Kremer and Soupy   Campbell reunion planner

         Our 2009 Planners    -   Brian and Diane Meagher

Our 2009 Treasurer and Newsletter Editor - Jerry and Jan Benson

           Deanna and George Bradley, John Rodolewicz,

             Joyce and Bill Bugg, Arlene and Joe Grella

Irene Campbell, Arlene Grella, Deanna Bradley, Lyla Hunter, Kathy Monroe, Joyce Bugg, Denise Kremer,  Carolyn Sweeney, Marge Grigg - Back row:  Barbara Zdarko, Linda Rodolwicz, Helen Uebbing

                         Bob Kremer and Bill McPhee

John Rodolewicz, Joe Grella, John Siscavage, Bill Bugg, George Bradley

Sharon Lloyd, Dexter Holaday, Robert Lithgow, Jean & Gil Aspinwall

                             A time to socialize

Diane Meagher, Jim Way, Harold Bushar, Helen and Ron Uebbing

                           Lyla and Buck Hunter

        Mike Chunka, Jim Way, Ron Bradquist, Dick Sweeney --------------         Brian Meagher in background at the memorabilia table 


Luella Christman, Joan Chunka, Janet Brandquist, Marci Haney        

Steve Cushman his daughter Camie Joyce and his wife Loretta

John & Linda Rodolewicz, Irene Campbell, Arlene Grella, Lyla & Buck Hunter

                        John Ryba and Steve Nogle

Standing - Ron Uebbing, George Pugsley, Bill Bugg, Don Delisle, Joe Grella, Dick Bishop, Sitting - Jerry Benson, John Rodolewicz, John Siscavage, Bob Kremer.

                         Richard and Greta Craft

Fred Pietrowski, Aster Riley, Stan and Isabelle Mendrala, Steve and Mary Kossler

Nita and Orris Hicks enjoying the delicious buffet breakfast at the Springmaid Hotel

                   Pizza party and delicious cake for desert

Captain Cushman, Janet and Ron Bradquist, Mike and Joan Chunka, Tom and Janet Burke.

        Soupy with his new friend and Bob German on right

Loaded up for a meal at Bennett's Calabash Seafood Bugget

                      Then went to the Alabama Theatre

and saw a wonderful show.  They even recognized the Angler crew.

        All the woman getting ready for their group picture

Everyone was all decked out for the banquet and enjoying the great food

At the banquet Captain Cushman relates a tragic submarine experience

   Raffle time!  Steve Kossler and Charles Pugsley were lucky winners

                   Soupy starts the Memorial Service

       Janet Burke and Irene Campbell present the floral wreath

                    Soupy prepared a very touching tribute

Wayne Beland, Dave Clarke, Richard Craft and Dick Sweeney read       

the names of the shipmates  on Eternal Patrol



__2009     THIRD BI ANNUAL USS ANGLER REUNION IN BRANSON MO __  _________________________________________________________________________________________


                  Marguee in front of The Lodge of the Ozarks

        The Lodge of the Ozarks was a beautiful and accomodating place

         The welcome aboard  banner was hanging in the lobby of the Lodge

        Crew members holding the welcome aboard shipmates banner

   The welcome aboard table full of ditty bags for the crew

Deanna Bradley worked very hard selling raffle tickets and misc Angler memorabilia

After receiving ditty bags on arrival Sunday evening there was sandwhiches, cake and driniks

      Planners, Brian & Diane Meagher   -    Treasurer,  Jerry & Jan Benson

                 Denise Kremer, Bob Kremer and Richard Craft

       Brian Meagher and son Michael (Mick)  are we all having fun or what?

                Arlene Grella, Mary Kossler, Nita and Orris Hicks

                  Sam and Rose Ann Albanese and Gus Walczyk

                          Wayne Beland and Buck Hunter

               Soupy Campbell and Bob Kremer telling sea stories

                     Dick Kanning, Marge Grigg and Dave Clarke

             John Christman, Bob kremer, Gus Walczyk and Don Delisle

           Along with the USS Angler replica, this was another raffle prize

There were many things on the memorabilia table, which included Brian's uniform, does it bring back any memorys?   Brian said, "For some reason it doesn't fit anymore".

 Everyone gathering in the lobby for dinner at Gilly's Texas Cafe on Monday night

After eating at Gilly's we all went across the street to The Jim Stafford Theater to see his show, which was great  It was a very busy highway that we had to cross, but we had our own "Traffic Cops" to stop traffic so we could cross,  they were Joe Grella and Jerry Bacon, it was one of the highlights of the evening.

We were so honored to have five WW II veterans with us,  From left to right, Orris Hick, George Robb, Harry Branyan, John Clarke and Bob German

               John Clarke and Bob Kremer in deep conversation

    Our beautiful memorial wreath was made and donated by Gretchen Pugsley

Soupy Campbell was in his dress blues for the memorable memorial service which he conducted.  Pictured with Soupy are planners Brian and Diane Meagher

Mike Chunka, Ron Branquist, Tom Burke and Soupy Campbell with all his hash marks

Joe Grella, Bob Kremer, John Rodolewicz, Soupy Campbell and George Bradley


More  to follow